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Delivery taken of Ransomes Jacobsen GA30 Aerator

Andy Butler Sports Ground Specialist has now taken delivery of the Ransomes Jacobsen GA30 aerator.

Aeration for improved grounds maintenance

The addition of the Ransomes Jacobsen aerator to the range of machinery on offer for use during grounds maintenance schedules for customers ensures that the grounds are maintained to an even higher standard.

Whilst aeration is good for most forms of grounds maintenance, it is particularly suitable for golf greens, tees, fairways, bowling greens, cricket squares and fine lawns.

The Ransomes jacobsen GA30 aerator is able to provide a high level of precision and varation of core spacing.

Overview of aeration technical specification:

Aerate greens, tees and fairways up to a depth of 9.5cm (3.75″) with a single piece of equipment

Coring depth up to 95mm (3.7”)

If you are involved in the contracting of maintenance for golf tees, fairways, bowling greens, cricket square or fine lawns then please contact us and concerning your turfed surface aeration needs and we will be please to help.

Further information on the Ransomes Jacobsen GA30 at their website


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