Hollow-tinning for grounds maintenance


Hollow-tinning for Grounds Maintenance

We offer hollow-tinning as part of our sports ground maintenance services from Andy Butler.

Professional hollow-tinning for bowling greens maintenance and golf course maintenance is one of the regular services we offer to customers. This hollow tinning service is not restricted to bowling green maintenance and golf course maintenance, so maybe suitable for other sports grounds including cricket pitches, football pitches and rugby pitches.

Hollow tinning is the the physical removal of cores of turf from a playing surface.

We create holes that are generally 13-16mm in diameter and of varying depths depending on the reason for the tine.

The cores are ejected, swept up and removed as part of the hollow tinning process as part of our sports grounds maintenance services.

When completed, a smaller mass of soil will occupy the same area of green/tee/fairway.

Hollow tinning for sports ground maintenance is usually completing during the autumn maintenance period.

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